Those of you who knew our old clinic will be awed and amazed at the updates we have made to the clinic.

Our adoption room is still right out front, full of kittens working the crowd, looking for a soft heart. And now our Romper Rooms, where our boarding cats exercise, are also adjacent to the lobby.
Catnappers Bed & Breakfast adjoins our main lobby, so visitors can observe our boarders (and our cleanliness) at any time. We are proud of our hotel!
Catnappers has thirty rooms, each linked to the adjacent room by way of a portal to form a deluxe suite. Every room has a resting shelf and a glass window in back.
Behind each suite in the Bed & Breakfast is an aviary filled with natural lighting and a flock of finches. Button quail entertain at ground level.
Hope springs eternal!
"I'd really prefer one of those instead of my Science Diet"
On the other side of the lobby is a private conference room for consultations, demonstrations, and discharge instructions.
Down the hall, you will find our three private examination rooms. Yes, we kept the cafe tables.
At the end of the hall is our hospital area, operation central for the Cat Clinic of Cobb. Here we have our 18 hospital cages with access to intravenous fluid pumps, heated water beds, and supplemental oxygen. A separate isolation ward allows us to hospitalize patients with potentially infectious diseases. A center island with three work stations allows us to treat patients while keeping a close eye on our hospitalized cases.
An entire wall of our hospital ward is devoted to our laboratory and pharmacy. Here our licensed technicians perform our in-house bloodwork, urinalysis, and parasitology. Since our pharmacy caters only to cats, we are able to provide most of the medications that our patients will need.
A sterile surgery suite dedicated only for use in aseptic surgical procedures lies just adjacent to the hospital ward.

Thank you for making a virtual visit to our clinic. Give us a call and we will be glad to set up a real tour for you. We are proud of our clinic.