10 Situations That Require Immediate Veterinary Care 

There’s no foolproof way to judge whether your cat needs emergency medical care, but there are some readily recognizable circumstances that always call for urgent attention.

1.  Trauma – Even if your cat is up and around, and seems to be fine after a fall or heavy blow, unseen internal injuries can be life threatening.  Only a thorough exam can ensure that your cat is okay after a trauma.

2.  Bleeding – Any bleeding from a cut, bite, puncture or orifice that can’t be stopped by applying pressure needs urgent attention.

3.  Bloating – A hard, distended or bloated abdomen can signal a dangerous gastric condition. Seek care without delay.

4.  Difficult Elimination – Inability to urinate or straining to eliminate can mean that your cat has a urinary blockage that needs immediate treatment.

5.  Vomiting – Uncontrolled vomiting or refusal to eat and drink can lead to serious dehydration, which needs to be treated promptly.

6.  Poison – If you believe your cat has eaten a toxic substance, such as rat poison, insecticide, medication or antifreeze, transport him to the vet at once.  Bring a sample of the poison or its packaging, if possible.

7.  Seizures – Convulsions that last more than a few minutes, or that occur repeatedly, need immediate attention.

8.  Burns/Shocks – All serious burns (even sunburn) require medical care, as do electric shocks, such as from chewing power cords.

9.  Swelling – Swelling in any part of the body, but particularly in the head, neck or eyes, should be checked at once.

10.. Disorientation – Sudden disorientation, lameness or unsteadiness on the feet are all trouble signs.  If your cat displays any of these symptoms, call the Cat Clinic of Cobb right away.

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