Exclusive Lodging for the Finicky Feline

When you are away from home, what is your cat to do for entertainment and relaxation?

Consider allowing us to pamper your feline friend at Catnappers Bed and Breakfast, our unique lodging facilities.

Cats are never bored at Catnappers, where they can watch birds building their nests, work out in the exercise spa, or simply relax in front of the aquarium.


We are now taking reservations for the following accommodations:

The Executive Suite:

This package includes all meals and beverages, a breath-taking view of the aviary gardens, and one hour daily in the Romper Room Gym for the health conscious cat. A private master bedroom accesses the attractive living area by porthole, providing more than 20 cubic feet plus two resting shelves. Linens are changed daily. ($30.00 per night) *may not be available during holidays; we offer a special holiday package.


The Honeymooner:

…for loving cat couples. This package includes lodging for two in the deluxe suite with double linens, meals and facilities. The management reserves the right to separate couples whose quarreling disturbs the other guests.
($42.00 per night)


The Traveler:

…for those adventurous cats who plan their entire vacations at Catnappers Bed and Breakfast, we offer a special Patron’s Discount, which includes the seventh night of any stay on the house.


At Catnappers, we serve Hill’s Prescription Diets exclusively. However, if your cat requires a special diet, we will be happy to serve any food which you provide. We also have a special selection of toys which have been found to be particularly entertaining for cats to use in their rooms. If you cat requires medication or grooming, we will be glad to discuss your cat’s particular needs with you. We want to make your cat’s stay with us just like being home!






For the health and safety of our lodgers, all guests are required to be current on their rabies, feline distemper, and upper respiratory virus vaccinations before entering Catnappers Bed and Breakfast.

Please be prepared to verify vaccinations.

We cannot allow any fleas inside of our lodging facilities. If your cat has fleas, we will have to treat him before taking him to his room. An additional charge will be incurred for this service.